China Copper Clad Steel Manufacturers vast expanse of the lawn,

When swinging, first will arm unbend, leg slightly bent, cue plane and the ground level, and then will be rotated 45 ° arm, bending up, and finally to a swing of the ball flew out.1stgolfstore. "
Stadium in a hotel on the bottom of my heart to vigorously into the stadium, stuck in my view is that a piece of the China Copper Clad Steel Manufacturers vast expanse of the lawn, it seems to have some small white points one by one, into a look, it is other people dozen out of the golf ah, he gave a 50-100-150-200-500-mark pole, I fine people, all of them have been playing five, six goals, I also try, and take in this store on the cue. When swinging, amplitude can&China Flat Bar39;t big, brandish when how far away from the ball, to swing a from the original ball when a far. A recruit a type, look be like simple, do up, one, big difference.. , through the JiCiSanFan practicing, I finally can hit the ball out "wow! Arc!" One of the ball is hit out more than 150 meters? And I'm glad to bouncing three feet high, the elder brother also praise in the side I played far, mother also especially for I took a picture of the victory in the picture I held V type gestures happy, laughing. Push the ball # with the push rod, how do you hold with, but must hold. This is a wonderful experience! Although in the experience I have met with many difficulties, but I all 11 overcome, and do anything it seriously, I think so, later in the study also want to take out this spirit oh Heart is really try so hard!!!!! Brother in watching the laugh. Quick to five o 'clock, we also should go home, I was reluctant to part with the mood of the home. See father play golf is not very simple, well, a swing the ball struck out, how can I not to hand? Dad see, tell me the main point and action just I wrong place, and gave me a demonstration action, looked at his father and a hit the ball to far away, my in the mind of the itch, I try to practice up, a, two, three.html.. I shine at the moment, I thought: I haven't played! But I remember how to take pole "find the centerline of the club, will put in the center of the right hand the centerline of the online, and then translated to index finger tip, with four fingers grip after good will thumb" cover "on the left hand, right hand index finger hook, other fingers grip... Fine looking around to have forgotten play, brother patted me on the shoulder, I just came to my mind, see don't I excited to put a ball to the carpet, I a swing, the results clubs play is empty, the pole in the my hand was "not obedient", and it struck place either in the ball a little bit ahead, either in the ball back a little, even hit the ball, is also to wipe a below, the ball stray from the path. We round stadium went a circle around, there is a small stream, it very clear, even near the bottom of the stone also see clearly, the water and a few small fish swim to swim, carefree ground very.

A sunny afternoon, my father and I, my mother, my brother went to the golf course.

Later, he began to practice and push the ball. I practice from hole near at hand, but could not scoring goals. Here the air is so fresh ah, I'm a little to linger over.
Tired of beating, mother suggested that we take a walk around the stadium, my brother and I are clap. I thought: I then didn't play the of course not. With a lot of shore also willow, willow branches and thin and long, the wind blows, all wind blows branches, like a head of long hair, I want to wait until the summer of the willow leaves have long even when out nice, huh

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